Apart from wanting to look the best you ever have on your wedding day, a must for brides is to have healthy glossy hair.  Dry, damaged hair is difficult to style and can appear coarse on camera. Follow these tips to help get your hair in fabulous condition before the big day. For maximum effect I recommend that you start preparing your hair at least three months in advance. 


1.If your hair feels dry, brittle and has no shine, or loses its bounce easily, then you will need to use special treatments to return your hair to its natural beauty and health. Ask your hairstylist to recommend to you deep conditioning treatments, hair masks or leave in conditioners suitable for your type of hair. If you suffer with dandruff there are some great medicated treatments out there that are very effective. Keep up with your treatment routine once a week in the lead up to the wedding. In addition to all this a proper nutritious diet, adequate sleep, lots of water will all promote healthy hair growth.


2.Continue to get regular trims to keep split ends from forming and speak to your hairdresser about finding a good quality shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair type. 


3.Avoid breakage by brushing hair with a wide-toothed comb especially when you brush wet hair with a bristled brush, you can easily snap the ends and encourage split ends. Reduce the amount of times per week you heat style your hair. This includes the use of straightening irons and blow-dryers. Always use a heat protectant spray when heat styling.


4.If you would like try a new hairstyle, colour or perm I recommend that you do it at least 3 months before the wedding so that you can get used to the new style. Personally, I would not suggest a very drastic change in style before the big day.


5.In the lead-up to a special event such as your wedding, limit the use of styling products (such as mousse, gel and hairspray). Thanks to product build-up you could be left with dull, oily and lifeless hair. If you would like to colour your hair make sure it’s done by a professional stylist! Book your final appointment at least a week before to prevent colouring stains on your hairline.


6.When washing your hair always shampoo twice. Not many people know that when washing hair the first shampoo only releases the dirt and the second then cleanses it away. If hair is not cleaned thoroughly the dirt can coat the hair act as a barrier when trying to style it. This will weigh down any beautiful styles leading it to drop instantly. Finish with a nourishing conditioner for your hair type.


So ladies if you haven’t even had the chance to think about taking care of your hair, the months before your wedding are the perfect time to start with good hair-care habits that you will hopefully continue with for life.


Donna x